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Glass partition should be carefully selected to enhance the consumer market
Time:2014/5/2  Author:

Partition , also known as active partition, movable partition , the hotel walls, moving walls . Activity is to cut off a large space into a small space , rational use of large spaces , hanging aluminum track , do not affect the appearance of the ground , hidden among a special board can go all the doors are closed , so our big space big can be as small . Finishes can be matched according to the color of the entire space , perfect design, will be hard to forget.

Now cut off technology into the homes of ordinary people , in order to make the room bright and spacious , it looks larger than the actual area , a lot of small apartment decorated choose instead of the traditional glass partition walls, because of the nature of crystal clear glass and decorative effect is obvious advantages. Glass partition loved by the people , then how to choose a good glass partition it

Choose glass partition first thing to consider what framework to use, the composition and structure of cross-sectional structure of metallic materials used in compliance with the requirements of anti- impact and side by correlation detection . Ordinary glass partition seemingly simple it is not. One of the best on the market is also unusual laminated glass . The advantage of this is that the surface of the glass looks no different from ordinary glass , but in the time of the accident impact, the glass fragments will be firmly glued to the glass on SaflexPVB film , spilling debris will not collapse , but not for personal security threat.

Followed by a glass of choice , pick a good pattern . Crack Shu Zhanqing new best. Especially want to say is blasting cut glass partition, and its near- luxury hazy effect, is unmatched by other types of products . Carved and sandblasted glass partition of the material is the most demanding requirements . The best glass partition is made of high strength , high performance safety glass to produce raw materials , tempered and laminated glass can meet its requirements. But when the glass sculpture, will be drastically reduced strength tempered glass , and even scratch the surface of each channel have increased the danger of collapse , so as a safety cut off the poor .

In addition, if you also need the use of a glass partition noise , the best use of laminated glass with an interlayer film . U.S. Solutia Performance SaflexPVB film had been rigorously tested, experiments show that the film has a sonic barrier effect. Glass processing of this film , the barrier effect of audio noise above 500 Hz to 40 decibels, equivalent to the hustle and bustle from the middle of the road suddenly turned into whispers . Above is the installation of the glass partition requirements , consumers must carefully, does not allow for negligence . Mastered these features, install the glass partition at the same time show the designer's originality but also reflects the love between people.

With the change in people's attitudes , glass partitions market improves a lot of space , glass manufacturers and related industries to follow market demand, seize the opportunity to pursue the development of enterprises .

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